text me. or better yet, just talk to me!

Yes, I have a cell phone.  Except for my 93 year old grandma, who doesn’t?

I text.  I picture send.  I do my Facebook mobile and status updates on occasion.   But that’s pretty much the extent.  I don’t have an iPhone or Blackberry.  I don’t do apps.  I’m not as tech-illiterate as my parents, but in most teens eyes, I’m probably not that far from them.  And I’m OK with that.

While my kids are only 3 and 1, I do have several tween and teen nieces and nephews.  And I watch, amazed, the way kids socially interact anymore.  It’s like everything is centered around the latest hi-tech device.

I defy you to find a teen these days who is not carrying their cell phone around 24/7.  They sit on the couch together.  Not talking to each other.  Texting each other.  Hello????

I feel like the art of conversation is dying right before my eyes.  Growing up, I can remember spending HOURS on the phone with my best friend.  I’d lay on the kitchen floor with the extra long phone cord and gab gab gab.  If I was lucky, I’d be allowed to talk in my parents’ room and actually get some privacy!

Now kids just type away.  Instant message.  Text.  This generation has found a way to have a conversation without it getting in the way of whatever else they may be doing.

And I know what you’re thinking.  Just wait till your kids get older.  You’ll see.  And maybe you’re right.  But for now I want to enjoy the actual real conversations I have with my kids.  I want to talk to my mom or my sister on the phone and hear a REAL laugh, not just an LOL.  And I want my husband to look me in the eye and tell me he loves me, not just text it to me from across the room.

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