pillow power

Pillows.  Who knew they could be such an entertaining toy?  And I’m not talking about those pillow pals.  I’m talking about plain old couch pillows.

For at least the past month it has become a daily ritual around here.  As soon as he wakes up and heads downstairs, my 3 year old asks, ” (Gasp) Who put all the pillows back on the couch?”  Every morning, it comes in the same shocked voice.  Like he hasn’t caught on yet!

“Well, I want to make a pile to jump in,” he informs us.  (Again, shocker.  Like we didn’t see that coming!)  So off come all the pillows.  All 7 big pillows from the back.  Plus 2 small side pillows.  And don’t forget the 3 or 4 “accent” pillows.  All in one HUGE pile on the floor.

So you can guess what the rest of the day is filled with.  Jumps!  Side jumps.  Backwards jumps.  Bellyflops.  Front flips.  Back flips.  “Blue skidoos”.  You name it, he’s done it.  Right on top of the pillows.

And now he has his 16 month old brother doing it, too!  Running across the floor and squealing with glee as he falls into the pillows.  Walking right off the edge of the sectional.  Like a stunt out of some 1940s black and white “talkie”.

But it keeps them busy.  And it keeps them happy.  But it has me wondering…maybe Santa should return some of those presents and just bring more pillows.  Hmmmmm…..

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2 Responses to pillow power

  1. Cath says:

    *pillow pets! Ha, you knew I’d correct you. And, yest I did by one today for Morgs, a lovely unicorn. pbtw glad to see you still have the comfy couch, I was sad when you were thinking of getting rid of it.

    • Melissa says:

      see, that’s the difference between 3 y/o boys and (almost) 5 y/o girls! and yes, we decided to keep the couch. and it’s a good thing – otherwise where would they find enough pillows to jump on!

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