friends and flapjacks

Nothing says love like good friends and chocolate chip pancakes!  Yesterday I had the pleasure of enjoying both.

I took my boys up to see friends that I met my first year living in New Jersey.  They’ve been like a second family to me over the past 13 years.  I’ve seen their kids grow and have been honored to be a part of graduations and concerts.  Bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs.

It’s hard to believe their oldest just finished his first semester at Mason Grove (Rutger’s).  Seems just yesterday I can remember him being so excited to ride a float in the Sesame Place parade!  And their youngest is starting to seriously look at colleges herself.

They’ve been a part of my bridal and baby showers.  The girls even came to visit me in the hospital with my youngest!  Now they get to watch MY family grow.

And even though schedules keep us from seeing each other as often as we like, visiting is still like going “home”.  There’s hugs.  And laughter.  And most of all, LOVE!

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