peekaboo, i see you!

9 months

It’s been 10 months since my oldest was officially diagnosed with strabismus/ amblyopia (crossed eyes/ lazy eye).  His right eye measured 20/50 while his left (weaker) eye was 20/100.  In his initial consult we were given hope that his eye could be corrected without surgery.  It would require patching.  And patience.  And time.  If we were willing, so was his doctor.

1st Peekaboo

So in March 2009 we left Nemours with a couple packets of Ortopad eye patches (which my son promptly nicknamed “peekaboos”) and a renewed spirit of hope.

I won’t lie.  The past 10 months have been tough.  REAL tough.  But my son has been a trooper.  And it has paid off.

Today we went for our normal follow-up and he ROCKED IT!  His eyes are noticeably straighter.  They work together.  His “bobblehead” nodding has all but disappeared.  And his vision is now 20/30 in the good eye and 20/40 in the weaker eye.  Not too shabby!

So, we’re still patching 2 hours a day.  But it looks like we will be able to dodge that “surgery” bullet.  (GREAT sigh of relief!)  And my son couldn’t be prouder of himself!  Truth be told, neither can his father and I!

Christmas 2010

Click here to read more of his story.

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5 Responses to peekaboo, i see you!

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Yeah for you!!!!! This is by far a family victory! 🙂

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  3. What an amazing blessing.

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