(birthday) girls just wanna have fun

Yesterday was my sister’s birthday.  (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SISTERINE!)  And for anyone who doesn’t know her, the annual celebration of the day she came into this world is a HUGE deal.  If she could find a way to make it a week long celebration, I’m sure she would.  Kind of like Mardi Gras.   But flashier.  And with snow .  (We love snow!)


In the days leading up to her big bday, I saw this on her Facebook status:

Why are birthdays lame and sucky once you get older? I want a skating party with pizza, cake and balloons. oooh and a juggler. yea, that’d be great.

And I thought to myself, “Heck, yeah!”  Why do kids get to have all the fun stuff?  I tried to think back and couldn’t even remember the last time I had a birthday party.  A couple birthdays ago we were in the Midwest visiting my family.  Everyone came over my parents’ for dinner and cake.  But that’s it.  Oh wait!  I did make myself brownies this year so the kids could sing to me.  But does it really count when you have to do it yourself?

So, this year for my birthday I think I’m just gonna have to put my foot down and say I want a fun birthday.  With balloons and hats.  And maybe some noisemakers.  And all my friends can come over with their kids.  And we can play kickball in the backyard.  And then someone can bring out the big cake (yellow with chocolate frosting) and everyone will sing Happy Birthday to Me!  Hey, I have till November to make it happen!

Oh, and Sis.  Next time I’m in town, we are sooooo going roller skating then grabbing some slices of pizza!

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