glue sticks, crayons, and scissors. oh, my!

One of my favorite things about being a preschool and kindergarten teacher was doing art projects.  Yeah, they were often a lot of work to set up, but the end results were (almost) always totally worth it!

Here’s a little of what Lennon and I were up to today while Ashe was napping:

Art projects. YAY!


Lennon cut slits along the edge of the paper.  Then I gave him scraps of colored paper to glue wherever he wanted.


Cutting and Gluing Collage

The next two are just coloring sheets we got from Story Hour.  I let Lennon color them and then we glued on different shapes to add “dimension”.

Terrific Turtle

Bubbly Dragon

I stole this idea from an art project one of my friends’ kids had done.  Lennon got to choose what color body to give everyone.  (Well, I chose pink for myself, then he chose the three boys.)  I gave us all arms, legs, and heads and he did the rest.  If you closely, you can see he tried to write everyone’s initials under their bodies!

Our Family

Some fun, easy projects with minimal clean-up.  Just the way I like them!


Our finished products

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