“stained glass” hearts

Whenever we get presents in gift bags, I always save the tissue paper.  You can use them for a lot of different art projects.  Here’s a great one for Valentine’s.  (It can also be altered for any holiday – eggs for Easter, ornaments or trees for Christmas, pumpkins for Halloween.  Be creative!)


I started with red cardstock and folded it in half to cut the hearts.  I was able to get three heart outlines per sheet plus the bonus “baby heart”.


Glue the heart outlines and stick to a sheet of white tissue paper.  Make sure the paper is as flat as possible.  Parents, cut out the heart shapes while you let your kids do the next step.


Next, let your kiddo have some fun making tissue paper scraps.  I used light and dark pink because that’s what I had on hand.  You can use red or purple, too.  Anything “Valentine-y”!  Big kids can use scissors.  Little ones can have fun just tearing the paper.  No need for perfection here.


This is probably the hardest part.  Parents, you want to be in charge of the glue as the tissue paper is extremely delicate and you don’t want it to rip.  Gently use the glue stick to cover the white tissue paper.  Randomly press the colored scraps over the white center.  You don’t have to cover every inch, but the more color the better!  Top it off with stickers around the red “frame”.


Tape your hearts to a nice sunny window and enjoy your beautiful “stained glass” Valentines!

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