snowy day surprises

OK, Mr. Groundhog.  What’s the deal?  Last Monday I hung the laundry out on the line while the boys played in sweatshirts.  Friday we were at the playground with our friends running around in T-shirts.  Ashe got sunburn for Pete’s sake!  Then, over the weekend I noticed our daffodils were starting to sprout.  And last night you hit us with this?

Now, for the most part I’m all about waking up to a fresh blanket of snow.  And a few weeks ago I was secretly wishing for just one more winter storm.  But that was before we got our taste of Spring this past week.  Then I started thinking about being able to play outside again.  Taking bike rides.  Running.  And how, before you know it, we’d be out on the beach again!

But there was none of that today!   No, today was filled with sled rides, snow angels, “Rocket Runs” and “Bunny Hills”.  And what snow day would be complete without a snowman?  Lennon named him Frosty (he even wanted to give him a parade)!


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