charlie’s soap rocks!

Up until about 9 months ago, I had never heard of Charlie’s Soap.  Now I can’t imagine how I got things clean without it!

I first stumbled across Charlie’s when I decided to make the switch to cloth diapers with Ashe.  I needed a detergent that was more pure (less dyes, detergents, perfumes) than what I normally used.  Charlie’s Laundry Powder was recommended by Green Mountain Diapers (where I buy my flats, prefolds, covers, cloth wipes, etc.) as well as a friend from high school who was cloth diapering her 8th (yeah, you read that right!) child.  So I hopped on their website and LOVED what I read!

  • Environmentally friendly No dyes, bleach, softeners, perfumes.  No residues left on your clothes.
  • Completely biodegradable To qualify as “biodegradable” something must be 80% degraded within 28 days.  Charlie’s is 97% degraded in 28 days.  It’s certified safe for use in small lakes and streams.  (Not that I’m planning to be washing my clothes in lakes or streams.)
  • Say goodbye to fabric softener That’s right!  No more fabric softener.  Because it doesn’t leave residue on your clothes, there’s no need for an extra product to make your clothes soft again.  Charlie’s gets your clothes truly clean.  And nice and soft.
  • Non-toxic This is HUGE when you have kids.  A few years back I switched from all those “chemicals” to the more “green” vinegar, water, and baking soda combos.  And I knew if kids got into it, I wouldn’t have to be calling Poison Control!  I still use my vinegar fro light cleaning, but tough jobs call for Charlie’s All Purpose Cleaner.
  • Truly All-Purpose No more need for a different cleaner for everything.  Charlie’s does it all.  “Cleans everything from false teeth to diesel engines!!”

The thing I’m most impressed about with Charlie’s is it’s stain removing ability.  From poop stains to Sharpie marker to blood, Charlie’s has beat them all.  My husband had a 15 year old white cotton Phillies’ jersey with worn in stains from sliding in baseball dirt.  We had tried everything to get rid of them.  Even the dry cleaner.  As one of my first tests, I filled a wash tub with water and dunked the jersey.  I generously sprayed the stains with Charlie’s All-Purpose Cleaner and “dunked and swished” then scrubbed it on a washboard.  I then rinsed, re-sprayed, and let it soak for a few hours.  I let it line dry (and let the sun add a little of it’s natural bleach power) for the rest of the day.  When my husband came home, he couldn’t believe it was the same shirt!

The reason I switched to cloth diapering was because it was more “green” and more economical.  I’m glad I was able to find a soap that was able to mirror my philosophies!

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