cool to be kind

Just before Christmas, I started bringing the boys to a new church.  I needed something different.  Something kid-friendly.  I wanted Lennon in some sort of preschool class.  And it would be great if there was a nursery.  Or at least a crying room for when Ashe just can’t sit still.  Fortunately we found one with all that and more!

Every Sunday, Lennon is so excited to go to church.  He loves “little church” (Family Worship) and “church school” (Wee Worship) with Ms. Deanne.  He loves learning about God and telling me about the things he’s learned.  This Sunday, he learned about kindness.  Which means “kind” has been the buzz word for the past 36 hours!

I shared my orange with Ashe.  That was kind.

I will open the door for Daddy.  He will think that is so kind of me.

If you make popcorn for us, Mommy, you will be very kind.

And while hearing “kind” in just about every other sentence can get a little old, it’s also a great reminder to see the good in different people and situations.  Like the mom who gave Lennon her son’s hand-me-downs.  The lady who helped me get our double jogger stroller through the door at the post office.  Saying “please” and “thank you”.  Offering to share the last cookie.

It’s so easy to let the negatives get you down.  But if you just look for the kindness in your world, you’ll be amazed out how it can change your whole perspective!

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