getting gorgeous in nyc

When Beth from Party Planning Professor told me about a month ago that she had scored all us Cape May Moms writers tickets to this past weekend’s Getting Gorgeous event in New York I was beyond excited.  Not just because it was New York.  Or a day without my boys nagging me every two seconds.  Or even because I was promised a little pampering and a little swag.  (OK, well, maybe a little for that!)  No, I was excited for the opportunity to get to meet and network with some of the Mommies whose blogs I’ve been reading!

We had to be in NYC by noon which meant meeting Karen (A Magical Mommy) at her house by 9am.  Jennifer (Jersey Family Fun) was meeting us there, too, so we could all take our hike up the Parkway together.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but these veteran bloggers filled me in.  Plus they taught me some of their “tricks of the trade”.  Man, these mommy bloggers are GOOD!

One step off the ferry and I knew we were NOT in South Jersey anymore.  Crossing the street in Manhattan is nothing like crossing the street in Wildwood in the winter!  Just ask my travel partners.  I’m surprised we made it to our event in one piece!

When we got there, the bloggers were already lined up and excitement was in the air.  Who would be there?  What will they have going on?  Old friends were chatting away and new friends were being made on the spot.  But mainly, people just couldn’t wait to get inside!

Getting Gorgeous Sponsors

Once inside the room was filled with sponsors.  Degree (the main sponsor), Tide, Sandals Resorts, Lifetime Moms.  Belli Skin Care (with lines that are safe for both pregnancy and for baby).  Georgetown Cupcakes (so good we caught Karen trying to smuggle a box home!).  BJ’s (look for a new line of Moe’s products coming soon).  Hanes (I swear, their socks are like walking on a cloud – even when I do my Shred!).  Pish Posh Mommy (I was seriously eyeing their wet bags for my cloth dipes).  Flip Out Sandals (look for my full review of these…if it ever warms up enough to wear them!).  Amy Tara Koch and her “Bump It Up” styles (not just for pregnancy, mommies!)  And many more!  Great people, great products, great food.  (LOVED the Georgetown cupcakes with the key lime frosting and the Moe’s guacamole hummus.  Not together, of course!)

Amy Tara Koch teaches Karen how to "Bump It Up" with simple accessories

Getting a little simple lip color

South Jersey Divas? Me, Karen, and Jennifer

It was a great day.  A long day.  And, believe it or not, I was ready to leave the big city and all the glamour to get back to my simpler life and my boys.  Oh, and to try out some of these great new products!

Disclaimer: Getting Gorgeous was a free event.  I provided my own transportation to and from the event.  While there, I was given samples of several products at no cost.  All opinions of products are my own and I was given no reimbursement for them.

BONUS: Check out these sites and receive discounts on your purchases!

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3 Responses to getting gorgeous in nyc

  1. Nichole says:

    Welcome to PSMM! So bummed I missed GG, sounds like everyone had a blast!

  2. It looks like you had such a fun time! Just got your lovely welcome email to the Philly Social Media Moms! Welcome. I hope you have tons of fun getting to know all of the girls! Take care : ) Becky

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