happy birthday, lucy the elephant!

We love birthday parties.  Who doesn’t?  Balloons, games, music, singing.  And giant elephants.

Yes, you read that right.  Giant elephants.  Because today, July 16th, marks the 130th birthday of the most famous elephant in South Jersey.  Lucy the Elephant.  People from all over will be heading to the beach in Margate to celebrate in colossal style.

The last time I saw Lucy, my oldest was only 10 months old.  Not old enough to walk up the steps of this historic landmark, but old enough to be amazed by the view from atop her enormous howdah.  If you’ve never been to see Lucy the Elephant, it’s well worth the trip.  I was amazed by Lucy’s long and rich history.  Just the idea that someone actually lived inside of an elephant is, well, pretty darn cool.  And your preschoolers will find Lucy pretty awesome, too.  My niece (who was 2-1/2 at the time) was tickled pink by Lucy’s green toenails!

So if you’re in the Atlantic City area on Saturday, head on over to say Happy Birthday to Lucy.    She’ll be celebrating from 10am to 8pm at 9200 Atlantic Ave. in Margate City.  Oh, and if you go, let me know what color she painted her nails for the big occasion!

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