relax. enjoy.

NOTE: Today we are “Blog swinging”.  Steph from A Grande Life will be guest posting for me.  You can check me out over on Just Children’s Books guest posting for Nichole.  Come swing with us!

Make your life simple. Easier said than done. Lately, my days with the kiddos can be summed up with one word: survival. Between who needs fed, who needs a bath, and who desperately needs a nap {me please!}, I call the day successful if everyone makes it out alive!
But then something happens. A little something.
A smile.

A giggle.

A hug.

A snuggle.

That is what helps me get through the day.
Something as simple as a giggle from a sweet ten week old boy can turn my frustration into joy. Something as simple has a hug can melt away the chaos of the day. Something as simple as a snuggle with a three year old, who will very soon not want to snuggle with me, makes me forget about the mess that he made all over the kitchen.
When I find myself ready to jump out the window, the simple things happen. I am pulled back into our little world and relax. Something I find myself saying to the kiddo all the time. Something that I need to tell myself to do all the time.

Relax. Enjoy.
Relax and enjoy the simple things in your life.

 Steph is a mom to two boys , ages 3 and 2 months. She faces the every day with the help of her sidekicks: coffee and my camera. She is still trying to figure out this thing called motherhood and uses her blog to help sort things out. 
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3 Responses to relax. enjoy.

  1. Nichole says:

    Aww, I love the snuggle pic! And I’m right there with you on desperately needing a nap.

  2. How adorable! I second you on the nap. I’d appreciate one now, please 🙂

  3. I love the pix! I have 5 and I still haven’t learned to relax all the time, or even most of the time. Maybe when I’m a grandmother. The unexpected hugs and kisses are fabulous, aren’t they?

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