surviving hurricane irene: our family’s “hurrication”

Well, Hurricane Irene has come and gone here in Cape May.  It was a whirlwind few days, but I am fortunate to say that, as a community, we weathered the storm well.

That’s not to say we didn’t have any excitement.  What began as a mandatory evacuation of our entire county (followed briefly by a slight “panic mode” on my part) soon transformed into our first “Hurrication”.  That’s a hurricane forcing us to go on “vacation”.

Although suburban Philly would not have been my first choice of vacay destinations, it is where fate lead us.  We quickly packed and headed to my aunt’s in the Bux-Mont area.  After pulling in at 2:30am and sleeping somewhat late (for us) Friday morning, my husband declared our Hurrication had begun.

Safety Town at Masons Mill ParkDay 1: We headed to Masons Mill Park in Upper Moreland.  It was actually a favorite of mine growing up.  Tennis courts, basketball, a fitness/ walking trail, a very cool playground, a cool mist sprayer, and (my favorite) Safety Town!  Something for everyone.  Hubs took a nice long walk on the fitness trail.  I stayed with the kids and we explored the playground and Safety Town (a miniature replica of buildings around town complete with kid-sized roads and traffic signals).  Lennon enjoyed thoroughly drenching himself in the mist sprayer.

Peddler's VillageDay 2: Rain was due to head into Philly that afternoon, so we decided to make the most of the time we had.  Off to Peddler’s Village in Lahaska.  Again, another place I had gone to as a kid and one my husband actually loves.  Not necessarily for the shopping, but more for it’s picturesque beauty.  With rolling hills, brick walkways, a gazebo and a quaint working water mill it’s a perfect place to go and just relax.  Plus it always brings us back to those romantic days when we first started dating.  You know – before kids.  Peddler’s Village was actually the first weekend getaway we took together. *sigh*  But back to reality.

Carousel at Giggleberry FairAside from the trip down memory lane, the main purpose of choosing Peddler’s Village was to check out their “kids’ zone”.  Giggleberry Fair.  I had heard so many things about them and decided we needed to check them out for ourselves.  Let me tell you.  It was the perfect pre-storm place to bring the kids.  And even though my kids are only (almost) 4 and 2, this place was packed with kids of ALL ages.  Even those older kids we like to call Moms & Dads!  Definitely a major score for our soon-to-be cooped up boys.

Day 3: We woke up in the morning to darkness.  Yep, power went out about 3am.  Fortunately, that was the worst of the damage at my aunt’s.  I don’t even think they had any downed branches (although they were hoping the wind and rain would knock down some of their neighbor’s very tilted pines).  I think I’d have rather dealt with cleaning up debris than the incessant whining of my oldest who could not understand why he wasn’t able to watch his DVDs.  (Fortunately for us, we were spared having to listen to KaiLan for the 10 kajillionth time!)  We rounded out our (forced) weekend getaway by heading to one of my friend’s house for a much needed play date.  And since they had power, it was even better!

I know a lot of people found it a great inconvenience to have to pack up and leave so suddenly.  And it was hard.  But I feel thankful that I was forced to evacuate my home.  Because it forced us to take a step back from the craziness and spend some time together.  Just having fun.  As a family.

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