KC Wearables Stunt Plane Review

Last month my boys and I had the pleasure of being invited to attend the 2012 Atlantic City Air Show “Thunder on the Boardwalk” thanks to Cape May County Moms and Jersey Family Fun.  As if that wasn’t amazing enough in itself, my boys were able to test out the new stunt airplane by KC Wearables while there.

Stunt Plane box

Stunt Plane by KC Wearables

My boys (3 and 5) LOVED this from the get-go.  Jenn from Jersey Family Fun supplied us with some crayons that we could use to CREATE and decorate the cardboard cutouts for our planes right there on the beach while we watched the real planes flying overhead.  You could also use markers, glitter pens, stickers – whatever craft supplies you have lying around!  Of course, my boys are not big colorers (and were a bit impatient), so the CREATE portion of planes did not last very long.

CREATING our KC Wearables on the AC beach

After about 10 minutes of decorating, my oldest was ready to CONSTRUCT.  Of course, with the craziness of the Airshow (and being on the beach) I decided it would be easier to wait until we got home to put the stunt plane together.  I’m glad I did because, 1. I really didn’t feel like CONSTRUCTING it in the blazing hot sun, but more importantly, 2. I didn’t realize exactly how BIG the plane would be.  Yes, I had seen the pictures on the KC Wearables website, but I guess it didn’t occur to me that the planes were actually big enough for my kids to WEAR!

Needless to say, the CONSTRUCT portion was the most time consuming for us.  The directions were easy to understand and it went together pretty simply, but with my “little helpers” things always seem to take longer than they should. (Sorry, no pics here – we had a rush order on assembly happening!)

Once we had the stunt plane CONSTRUCTED, we were ready to WEAR!  (Note: if you have young children and only 1 plane to share amongst them, do yourself a favor and have the timer ready to take turns.  It will save you a LOT of tears, trust me!)  I adjusted the straps accordingly and the boys took off.  Fortunately we have 4′ openings between rooms because the wingspan does not easily fit through a traditional doorway (definitely meant more for outside use or a large, open room).  Both boys had a great time zooming through the house!

A rare moment – sharing our KC Wearable with a friend!

Oh, and the plane is made of a durable cardboard.  We recently had it outside for my sons’ birthday party so all the kids could play with it.  My husband truly thought it would end up in the recycles by the end of the evening from all the wear and tear their friends would put on it.  But it held up great.  The only complaint I have with the product is that in our small house, it’s size makes it hard to find a good place to store it.

Wearables are also available in Princess Carriage and Dozer styles.  For more information on their products, click HERE to visit the KC Wearbles website.

Thanks again to Jenn from Jersey Family Fun for providing us with a free sample of the Stunt Plane. As always, all opinions in this review are my own.

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